Get ready for Vampires of Color, Vol 3 for 2024!

For the last two BIPOC VampDays, we have put together anthology zines showcasing original BIPOC vamps and their stories and raising funds for Sickle Cell research. You can purchase digital and leftover physical copies of Vampires of Color: Volume I & II here.
We’re working on volume 3 for 2024 and would like to see your submissions! This is a perfect opportunity to show off your original BIPOC vampires – be it an illustrated poster, TTRPG character sheets, short story, or a mini comic. In fact, if you have a comic or project featuring BIPOC vampires that you’d like to promote – we’d love to include an excerpt or poster for your project and help an audience connect with you. 
Much like this event, your submission should focus on Black, Indigenous, and POC vampire characters (ideally the MC). While you are not required to be a BIPOC creative, your characters must be and we will be prioritizing submissions from BIPOC creatives. 
This anthology is for CHARITY. As this project is a fundraiser for Sickle Cell Disease Association of America, any additional funds raised for the anthology will be donated to charity. Every participant will receive a digital copy of the anthology (with the option to purchase physical copies at a discounted rate).
This project will be launched in September for zine and merch pre-orders.
We’re accepting BOTH completed illustrations/writing/excerpts AND proposals for new work.
All experience levels welcome.
Proposals for new projects – 6/30/2024 at 11:59pm PST [CLOSED]
Submissions of already completed projects – 07/31/2024 at 11:59pm PST
Proposal submissions will be reviewed and contacted by 7/06/2024.
ALL submissions close on 7/31 and we will review and contact accepted applicants by 8/14 and open a waitlist, if necessary, by 8/15.
ALL finished work due by will be 9/6/2024 at 11:59pm PST.


Jamila (@vampirepyramidscheme / @blackbettiecosplay), in the capacity of Project Lead/Graphic Designer. They are a queer nonbinary Afro-Caribbean graphic designer and illustrator working as a full time freelancer with experience in print and digital design for advertising and marketing. They’re also the creator and host of BIPOCVampDay. 

Their portfolio is viewable here

Nala J. Wu (@NalaWu / @naladraws), in the capacity of Creative Director. They are a proud neurodivergent & disabled QTPOC Art Director at Hunters Entertainment and an award winning illustrator in TTRPGs! Past projects include Coyote & Crow, Apocalypse Keys, the Adventuring Artist Tarot deck, and more. They are also a professional TTRPG actual play performer best known for portraying vampires on Vampire the Masquerade APs like Itaewon by Night (featuring first and only all-Asian cast to play VtM on stream) and Last of Eden’s Vices (on Goblets & Gays).

Their portfolio is viewable on

Nidi_Indeedy (@nidi_indeedy) is a black, nonbinary demisexual who loves to write stories, creating games TTRPG solo journaling games, and being a Mom to an amazing kid. When not trying to create something new, you can see them engaging in academic research, watching Korean dramas, or simply taking a nap.

They can be found on twitter



  • Family friendly vampires (please note if you’d like your work included in the YA/Kidlit version)
  • SFW (Implied nudity/sexuality is fine, but we’re trying to keep things PG-13)
  • Gore (within reason – they are vampires, but keep it PG-13)
  • Character Art
  • Poster/Cover Art (can also be for a non comic project – like a podcast, YT show, short film, etc)
  • Mini Comics (1-4 pages max)
  • Short Stories or Excerpts (1-3 pages max)
  • TTRPG Characters
  • NSFW for the digital zine only (Implied nudity is fine for the printed zine)**


  • Photography only (Collage is acceptable)
  • Extreme Gore (keep it PG-13)
  • AI Artwork / work created using an AI generator

Define Vampire?

The only requirement is that your vampires drink blood or consume life force to survive. There are many cultural definitions and mythologies around the vampire, so we’d like to see more interpretations than the usual brooding European vampire. Get creative! They can be living vampires, more witch or fairy like, sparkle or even come from another planet. The only key thing here is they must be BIPOC at the core of their design.

How many pages can I submit for an excerpt?

Maximum length for mini-comics, excerpts or short stories is 2 pages (6″x9″) depending on number of applicants. Depending on the story we may consider 3-4 pages. Keep things concise if possible.

How many times can I submit?

You can submit as many times as you like – however, we will only accept one artist or team project in the anthology to leave room for other applicants.

Do I have to submit a proposal?

Nope, proposals are NOT required. Proposals are an option if you’d like to pitch your project for approval before working on it – especially if your work takes longer to create. Proposals only need to describe your idea and provide some sketches/scripts (if applicable) or samples of past work so we can have an idea of what you’ll create.

If you don’t have time or don’t wish to submit a proposal, you can submit your completed piece by the final deadline (8/07). It won’t impact your chances at being selected.

Can I submit commissioned artwork?

Yes. As long as you can provide written permission from the artist allowing your work to be included. In this case, we will credit both you, the character creator, and the artist who created the artwork.

Can I be paired up with an artist or writer?

If you’d like to find an artist or writer for your proposal let us know in the form below and we can try and pair you with someone – however, given the timeline, it might be best to seek an artist/writer before applying.

*Are you accepting NSFW?

To keep this anthology more accessible, we’re not currently including NSFW content in the main zine at this time. However, are accepting submissions for our NSFW digital anthology. So if you’d like to contribute work to the NSFW zine – make sure to complete that section of the application.