Black, Indigenous, & POC Vampire Day

September 17th – 19th, 2021

BIPOC Vampire Day 2021 WAS A SUCCESS!

The hashtag (#bipocvampday) was full of so much melanated vampire goodness across all social media and it was absolutely beautiful. There were even local meetups, photoshoots and gaming events! We managed to raise around $3600 between two fundraisers for the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America and build hype for the next year. That’s right – it’s going to be an annual event! So if you’re just finding out about the event, you can get ready early for next year!

This event couldn’t happen without assistance (and I’m super thankful to the friends and sponsors who reached out early for the initial year) – and for 2022 we could use a lot more! So if you’d like to volunteer to help with planning, promoting, or donating/sponsoring items for an online event showcasing diverse vampires of color from around the world – please get in touch. We could use the help!



Even though the event is over for 2021, we’d still like to showcase your cosplay, makeup looks, OCs, book projects, movies/TV shows, TTRPG/RP/Video games and more. If you’re a BIPOC creator or have BIPOC vampire designs – consider submitting them to the showcase:

Cosplay/Photo Submissions

Art/Comic Submissions

Movie/TV/Game/Book Submissions


CHARITY/FUNDRAISER – September is also Sickle Cell Awareness Month – this blood based illness disproportionately affects black and POC communities so it only felt appropriate to use this event to spread awareness and raise funds for the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America (or if you’re internationally based, an organization in your country). Visit the charity page to see more details.

Looking for Inspiration or Resources – go here.